What We Do

WAG BUSINESS SOLUTIONS in concert with our strategic banking channel partners, we empower clients to become laser-focused with integrated solutions using our "Powerful Proprietary Processes":

Many small businesses lack the systems, experience and acumen that larger companies have as it applies to the interaction of the many moving parts in running a business optimally. We provide that experience to create a wholistic, comprehensive and integrated solution for maximum efficiency, profitability and scalability.

Cash Flow:
Cost Reduction & Profit Margin Optimization through our private banking channels. To optimize Cash Flow we use our "Net Zero Program" platform to eliminate existing costs in the merchant bankcard processing space to incentivize both the Client and their Customer typically saving 4 to 6 six figures per year. Our proprietary solutions are fully integrated through the processing, private label point of sale systems and encryption security protection platforms.

Access Funds and Accelerate Growth through our private banking channels. The Business Loan program provides funding options that typically range from $5,000 to $1,000,000. Strategic relationships with private banks allow for easier access and lower costs.  

Personal Credit is first discussed and myths surrounding debt are dismissed. Understanding good debt for appreciation or profit is strategic versus the default of bad debt for depreciation or loss. The Business Credit program is the next level strategic solution to build stronger and more robust lines of credit typically $20,000 to $50,000 critical to sustainability, continuity, and growth for the business.

WAG INSURANCE & FINANCIAL Advisors utilize the integration of multiple insurance and financial instruments. Specific focus is also given to "blended solutions" that integrate a more comprehensive solution. We provide the tools that empower our clients through an interactive and integrated solution geared toward providing an optimal family legacy:

Permanent/Term Insurance:
Investment grade permanent life insurance contracts are designed for guaranteed principal, liquidity, and TAX-FREE distribution as a “Safe Harbor Solution” to compliment long term retirement objectives. Shorter term life insurance policies are used for final expenses, debt elimination, mortgage protection, income replacement and financial stabilization for a family during the accumulation phase of a retirement planning solution. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Nothing in this world has total certainty exept Death and Taxes". Based on this reality, our planning motto is, "Plan for the 'Worst First' and Pray for the 'Best Last', and that way all your bases are covered"!

Key Person/Buy Sell:
Key Person life insurance that is designed for a key employee in a business for losses that would arise from that person’s inability to continue with that company as a business succession and protection vehicle. Buy Sell Insurance is between co-owners of the business with similar objectives.

Business Liability:
Commercial general liability insurance is a broad type of insurance policy which provides liability insurance for general business risks.

Self Directed Qualified Accounts:
Both the use of an individual Self-Directed Roth IRA and company sponsored Self-Directed Roth 401K are discussed as well as which outside passive Custodian companies are options. The focus is helping business owners understand alternative retirement options with broader asset class selections.

WAG REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENTS focuses on stability, comfortable and solid returns. Offerings through our partners are structured around real estate in many ways, typically focusing on areas that offer the lowest risk with the highest return in generating passive income. As a result, the most enticing benefits to our clients include recurring income and stability, portfolio diversification, a hedge to economic cycles and significant upside potential:

Short term solutions based on retail acquisition for owner occupied home buyers are identified through our strategic partners. A basic turn-key solution with lower capital point of entry solutions for single family home rentals as a long-term retirement solution for most clients.

A more advance solution involving passive income through multi-family rentals and syndication opportunities for accredited investors are reviewed.

A more advance solution involving passive income through syndication opportunities for accredited investors are reviewed.

Cost Segregation:
Here we identify a tax strategy that allows real estate owners to utilize accelerated depreciation deductions to increase cash flow, and reduce the federal and state income taxes they pay on their rental income.

WAG ASSET PROTECTION reinforces the long-term fortitude of our client’s business plan that focuses on building the proper foundation on which to accumulate and preserve assets. Subsequently, our strategic CPA and Attorney partners are identified for an optimal implementation solution:

LLC & Corporation Formation:
To get the most out of your business or investments, it is essential to create the appropriate legal entity/structure. Selecting the right type of company or corporation for your business helps you maximize your tax benefits, protection and funding options.

Tax Solutions:
Having a professional that understands your situation and how to maximize your deductions is the difference in saving thousands of dollars every year. Avoid overpaying taxes unnecessarily with business and personal tax filing solutions.

Estate Planning:
We can help you make sure your assets are going to your loved ones and not the IRS. Our team of attorney partners are here to ensure that you are able to protect your legacy and avoid costly probate battles.

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